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People observing the forest

More than 240 people participate in the RENECOFOR network. Most are foresters responsible for the sites where the plots are located. They are helped by various members of the staff who intervene punctually and by specialist organisations called in by the ONF (National Forest Office) to provide specific skills. A coordination centre organises the operations.

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Data collection

Botanists inventoring plant species
© François Mouchot / ONF Botanists inventoring plant species

The coordination centre based in Fontainebleau pilots the network. Three engineers, one technician and one administrative assistant work together to centralise the data.

The 220 on-site forest rangers carry out most of the observations, measurements and sampling campaigns. They work part time for the Network (from 2 to 20% of their annual working time). For certain specific operations, they are seconded by a team of ten technicians and skilled workers specialised in research and development.

Contracts are also signed with other institutions, organisations and companies when specific skills are required: laboratories, botanical experts, soil scientists, weather stations...

The coordination centre validates and stores the data and records.

At the beginning of 2014, the RENECOFOR data base contained more than 65 million pieces of information.

Data treatment

In France, the ONF (National Forest Office) and its research partners (the National Institute of Agricultural Research - INRA, the National Centre for Scientific Research - CNRS, universities, the National Research Institute in Science and Technology - IRTSEA,...) are responsible for the scientific treatment and interpretation of the data and the publication of findings.

Local foresters also use the data collected during RENECOFOR operations. For example, a forester must have meteorological data related to the local climate to manage the forest while taking climatic constraints into account.

During public events organised around the forest and the environment, the RENECOFOR sites and monitoring results are used as educational tools.

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