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Excerpt from the television show Ushuaïa: "Aux arbres, citoyens" (“Citizens, to your trees!”)

Manuel Nicolas presents the RENECOFOR network (National Network for Long-term FOrest ECOsystem Monitoring), one of the long-term forest monitoring systems in France. This network is managed by the ONF (the French National Forest Office).

 © Extrait du film "Aux arbres citoyens" de Jean-Roch Meslin © Montagne TV / Eliocom - 2012

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Like all European forests, the French forest is being intensively monitored to determine how it is reacting to changes in its environment, in particular as related to pollution and climate change. RENECOFOR is the French component of the network of permanent study sites that has been set up in 34 European countries.

Since 1992, the ONF has been investing in the study of 102 sites, called “plots”; these are small observation areas, two hectares in size, distributed throughout France.

The study was designed to extend over a period of 30 years in order to detect possible functional changes occurring in the wide variety of forest ecosystems included in the network. The study will also help us to understand why these changes are taking place.

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